CratosAM was founded with one goal: to help clients take their marketing efforts to a new level.

We drive customer acquisition and revenue through growth-focused advertising & digital marketing.

Before the rise of digital marketing agencies like ours, it was difficult for companies to take care of all their marketing needs.  Now, with the true purpose of helping make companies more productive, CratosAM has come together to service companies to the highest quality, delivering results for every promise that we make.

With a background in business, we understand what it takes to keep your company or brand running.  Between digital and traditional marketing, we have gathered all our knowledge to create an agency that stands out among others. Don’t let our story be the only proof of our talents—create your first campaign with us today and see the results for yourself.

Meet The Team

With several years of experience, hundreds of projects completed, and numerous satisfied clients, CratosAM is home to some of the best marketers in the industry.

Adam Multz

Adam has a strong understanding of all marketing channels. He is responsible for digital marketing analysis, building marketing roadmaps, designing marketing campaigns, handling social networking pathways, measuring ROI’s and KPI’s and generating leads. He delivers proven data-driven digital marketing with cutting edge knowledge and has an uncanny ability to see quickly identify the big picture for our clients. Adam has a deep knowledge of SEO/SEM; Google analytics and experience in optimizing Google Adwords Campaigns He manages the overall operations of our company and provides inspiring leadership.

Joshua Zimmer

Joshua takes full charge of our company’s sales department. He works closely with our team to determine appropriate sales strategy, create sales targets or networks and optimize business opportunities for our clients. Josh assists in identifying related market trends, monitoring competitors and understanding category-specific landscapes. Josh’s aim is always at maximizing all sales activities and deliver exactly what our client is requesting.
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Stephanie Frasca

Digital Strategist
Stephanie is accountable for managing and implementing overall digital strategy for our team. She researches products and services, builds strong relationships with our clients and ensures brand consistency. Stephanie works to recognize advertising needs, suggests new campaigns and assists in monitoring our clients competitors. She expertly identifies unmet goals or opportunities and executes plans to connect our clients with their customers.

Sierra Gettier

Brand Ambassador
Sierra works diligently to raise brand awareness and enhance sales volume for our customers. She seamlessly handles a variety of tasks including but not limited to promoting the product and implementing marketing strategies. She works closely with the sales and marketing team to implement campaigns and educate consumers about our client’s product. Sierra creates website and social media content to drive brand awareness, track feedback and metrics and always maintains positive brand image for our clients.
We had worked with several other marketing companies in the past who didn't deliver results and I'm happy to say Cratos AM is doing that for us. They help bring our vision to life in a way that makes sense.
Brad K.
Relations & Affiliates
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