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What is Barnacle SEO?

What Is Barnacle SEO?

When a business first discovers SEO and all of the benefits that it provides, it will often encounter different strategies that help it in different ways. One of the most popular options for businesses that are looking to leverage SEO is barnacle SEO.

Barnacle SEO provides a distinct advantage to businesses because it allows them to borrow some of the reputations that a more established website has. So what is barnacle SEO? CratosAM, an established South Florida digital marketing agency, explains some of the most important details regarding this effective SEO strategy. Continue reading below for more. 

Barnacle SEO

What is barnacle SEO, and where does it get its name from? Barnacle SEO owes its name to the relationship that a barnacle has with a whale or ship at sea. Here, a barnacle latches on to a much larger vessel that carries it along for the ride. Similarly, in barnacle SEO, a smaller and less reputable website latches on to a larger, more established one to gain some traction.

There are many ways that smaller websites could begin to associate with larger ones, with some of the most pertinent being garnering links to a website from another’s directory or blog posts. The process of getting links on one website is called link building, and our South Florida SEO agency details the best way to do this below. 

SEO Link Building Tips

Link Building is the name given to consistent outreach efforts that are conducted with the goal of a website featuring another one on some of their web pages. There are some tips that businesses should keep in mind when they are rolling out a link building campaign.

The first thing to keep in mind is to have accurate contact information. Cold emails or cold calls are much more effective when you are speaking to the right person. Our South Florida PPC advertising and SEO agency recommends that you scour a website thoroughly to get the contact information of a marketing or public relations director. After getting this information, you should work to tailor your message to reflect what the website’s goal is. A message will be much more effective if the receiver notices that you have actually read the material on the website because this makes you more relatable in their eyes. Your messages should be crafted to ask for a link back to a part of their website that is related to theirs. This could be a specific blog or product. If a website decides to link back to yours, search engines will recognize that your website carries some authority, which increases its organic rankings. 

What Are Some Other SEO Pillars?

Link building and barnacle SEO are certainly pillars of a sound SEO strategy, but there are many others. Some of the most popular include content creation for SEO, direct response digital marketing, and other content creation services. By leveraging these different aspects of SEO, your business is well on its way to garnering attention on search engine results pages. 

More About CratosAM

What is barnacle SEO? The short answer is it’s something you should be taking advantage of. At CratosAM, we are a specialized digital marketing agency that is here to help businesses across all industries leverage a collection of different digital marketing strategies. Our full suite of services includes SEO content creation services, PPC, and digital media buying. Contact our media buying agency today to learn more. 

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