NFT Questions and FAQs

If you want to begin using NFTs, you are going to have many questions regarding how they are used and what business applications they could have. Our South Florida digital marketing agency has encountered many questions regarding their most useful business applications. Whether you are a beginner or relatively experienced, CratosAM could assist you by answering the following NFT questions. Continue reading for more. 

What Does NFT Stand For?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. The difference between NFTs and other forms of exchanging currency or wealth is related to how they could be exchanged with each other. Being non-fungible items, NFTs cannot be interchangeable with each other. For example, a fungible item like a dollar bill could be exchanged with each other because they are the same thing. An NFT, on the other hand, is best viewed as a deed of ownership for a specific asset, like a deed to a house. This essentially records who owns something, which is much different than actually owning the item. 

How Do You Buy an NFT?

One of the most popular questions is related to where you could buy them. There are many independent market places where users can buy and trade NFTs. Some of the most popular include Open Sea, Axis Marketplace, Raible, and Foundation, just to name a few.

NFT vs. Cryptocurrency

There are two popular kinds of digital wealth, and these are NFTs and cryptocurrency. While these are both based around the same software and technology, there are some differences between the two. For one, cryptocurrency is not a non-fungible currency, which means that one Bitcoin holds the same value as another Bitcoin. However, since no two NFTs are worth the same, this means that holding one is more unique than cryptocurrency. Since NFTs cannot be transferred for goods, they cannot be used as a medium for purchasing items as cryptocurrencies can. 

How to Use NFTs for Your Business

If you are a business owner that is looking at NFT questions, you may want to know what applications they have for your business. There are many ways that you could begin to use them. Below you can find a deeper look into what applications they have.

Tie NFTs Into Physical Products

One of the ways that our South Florida SEO agency and digital marketing agency recommends is that you make NFTs that are related to some of the physical products that your business sells. This has been adopted by giants like Nike, which gives consumers a digital copy of the shoes after buying real ones.

Involve NFTs in Limited Edition Merchandise

NFTs involved in limited edition merchandise give potential customers a new incentive to purchase these materials because of the NFT that is related to it. This rewards loyal customers and higher recognition with limited-edition products. This has been adopted by brands like Taco Bell and Coca-Cola.

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