Digital Drip Campaigns

Email campaigns have great potential to be significantly successful for your company.

Drip campaigns are one of the main focuses of an email or digital marketing campaign. The key to drip campaigns is partnering with a South Florida SEO agency or digital marketing agency that understands how to correctly funnel potential customers with the correct email at the correct time. Our digital marketing professionals have plenty of experience in creating this kind of marketing material, and we are ready to transfer our expertise to your business so that you can bring your business to the next level. So what is a drip campaign? Continue reading below to learn more about the digital drip campaigns that CratosAM regularly deals with. 

What Is an Email Drip Campaign?

Emails are one of the most popular ways that businesses utilize drip campaigns. An email drip campaign is designed to lead your potential customers further down the customer pipeline through the messages that they receive in their inboxes. These messages are automated and correspond to specific actions that the potential customer makes. Depending on the business, this could be based on when customers place an order, when they add something to a shopping cart, or when they complete a form.

The principal focus of our drip campaigns is to communicate with potential customers without inundating them with information. By doing so, we work towards securing a conversion for your business by interacting with potential customers and forming relationships. 

Facebook Drip Campaigns

One of the most frequented social media platforms on the internet is Facebook, which makes it one of the most valuable marketing platforms for your business. Facebook drip campaigns work with the Facebook Messenger app, which also includes features for a chatbox and works very similarly to an email drip campaign. These are especially useful because you can set up segments that are divided by common interests so that your messages are more effective. 

B2B Drip Campaigns

Digital drip campaigns can also be done in a B2B context. Businesses respond to marketing messages in a similar manner to business to consumers. A vital point to remember is the fact that businesses often have a human being that responds to marketing messages, which means that these messages should be crafted as if they were communicating with a human representative of the business. Our email and South Florida PPC marketing agency can assist you with this as well.

More About CratosAM

CratosAM is a digital marketing agency that is dedicated to helping our clients capture their full potential when it comes to digital marketing campaigns. Our full breadth of services includes South Florida PPC management, content creation for SEO, social media content creation service, digital influencer management, and website content creation service, among many others. Contact us today to learn more about our digital drip campaigns. 

Our approach

Creative. Automated. Effective.

You will also see a greater return on the investment that you have with all the time and effort spent on these drip campaign creations.


We will take care of the content and make sure that we write copy that connects with your audience and even has several calls to action.


We will save you plenty of time on your marketing and connect with audiences from several different graphics.


Drip campaign creation will yield a great return on an investment opportunity.

We were truly impressed! The social media marketing work was excellent. All the deliverables reached us on time, as promised. The marketing produced definitive results. Everything was organized perfectly and delivered in a timely manner. The team was always on hand to support us and personally saw the project through. I cannot wait to work with Cratos on our next project!
Kyle M.
Advertising Partner
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