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Digital media buying is one of the primary aspects of CratosAM and one that we are happy to provide to our various clients. One of the most common misconceptions about digital media buying and digital media buying agencies is that they are simply responsible for laying out a plan for a brand’s digital advertising campaign and which channels will be most utilized. While this is an important aspect of the job description, it is not the only thing that they are in charge of. Below, our digital content creation services and influencer management agency go into further detail about what you can expect from digital marketing media buying.

What Is Digital Marketing Media Buying? 

When it comes to digital marketing, media buying refers to using advertising on platforms that offer paid advertising opportunities, including purchasing advertising on Facebook’s advertising platform. The goal of a digital media buying agency is to identify the correct opportunities, platforms, and timing based on what your target audience and conversion goals are. When media buying is used correctly, it propels your brand and marketing message to an audience that is proven to be receptive to it. When digital media buying is leveraged alongside content creation for SEO, social media content creation services, and digital influencer management, our client’s reach spreads much faster. 

How Do Digital Media & Planning Agencies Provide an Advantage? 

Digital media and planning agencies provide an advantage for businesses because they focus exclusively on analyzing an audience and the platforms that they most frequently use. For example, by studying the demographics, we may find that most of a business’s target audience uses websites related to natural products. Our media buying professionals would then use this information to create related content composed of photos, videos, and copy that is engaging to this target audience. 


A digital media buying agency also makes sure that the advertisements that potential customers land on via different websites align with the other digital marketing strategies that have been used to attract them. One of the biggest aspects of a digital marketing strategy is making sure that the channels and strategies that a business decides to use are consolidated and coordinated. This works to provide a voice for your business that spans the most highly used platforms on the internet.

More About Our Digital Media Buying Services

Digital media buying services are an extremely useful aspect of our digital marketing agency, but not the only one that we offer our customers. We make an effort to create winning digital marketing strategies that businesses can use to drive revenue. Our full suite of services includes: 

If you are interested in learning more about what we offer, do not hesitate to contact our South Florida SEO company.

Advertising options from a media company like a TV program or newspaper to gain greater visibility in a regional area.

With our expertise as an agency, you can trust that we will reach the individuals in your audience, connect with the right organizations to get you these media placements and get the best price and location for your ad campaign.

It would be best to consider media buys as an option because so many people are attached to the media presented in the world today.

Our approach

Plan. Advertise. Convert.

With the right marketing strategy and the proper organization, your media buys will not go unheard.


They can be some of the most excellent tools to help get greater visibility for your company.


We offer our media buys as an opportunity to present a professional appearance to your audience.


We will help you advertise on your local media outlets directly.

We were truly impressed! The social media marketing work was excellent. All the deliverables reached us on time, as promised. The marketing produced definitive results. Everything was organized perfectly and delivered in a timely manner. The team was always on hand to support us and personally saw the project through. I cannot wait to work with Cratos on our next project!
Kyle M.
Advertising Partner
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